Process of cutting and polishing gems

We convert the ordinary looking stones to the awe-inspiring sparkle that will positively enhance your beauty. To bring out that sparkle of a stone is a task that requires great patients and great effort. At Gamini Gems we undertake that difficulty with open arms as we strive to make lives beautiful through minerals given by the Mother Earth.

Cutting the Stone on the Faceting
Faceting the precious stone.
Cutting, grinding, and polishing Machine

Polishing and design work of jewellery

We are renowned for our exclusively hand crafted jewellery that adds value to the precious or semi-precious metals. Gamini Gems proudly gives birth to exquisite designs that results in beautiful precious and Semi-precious Gem studded Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets, Necklaces and other ornaments in 18kt and 14kt Yellow Gold and 18kt and 14kt White Gold and Sterling Silver.

The secret in delivering ever innovative designing concepts is due to our 17 years of existence in the dazzling arena in Sri Lanka and also due to the unimaginably skilled craftsmen, Gold Smiths & Jewellery Designers, who have been consistent and ever so creative in delighting our valued patrons.

We guarantee the quality of our products that are of international standards which will not only bring glory for us but also for our Mother Land.